About the Family Business Association

The Family Business Association [FBA] represents California's family businesses at the legislature, to the regulatory community and in the courts. FBA is a not-for-profit California corporation organized under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Why we need FBA:

California’s 1.4 million family businesses employ seven million Californians. Nationally, family businesses:
  • Generate 57% of the nation’s GDP
  • Employ 63% of the workforce 
  • Create 75% of all new jobs

Studies Show Family Businesses:

  • Generate higher returns for their shareholders 
  • Invest more in their employees’ training and benefits
  • Are more likely to promote women to executive management 
  • Are less likely to lay off workers in tough economic times 
  • Engage in higher levels of philanthropic giving
  • Donate more to local causes
  • Have better records of environmental stewardship 

Our Mission

  • Provide an incentive for family businesses to create jobs and invest in California 
  • Propose initiatives for change
  • Defend against hostile, unfavorable legislation and regulations 
  • Take legal action to protect family businesses
  • Communicate to members, the public and public policy makers all aspects and benefits of family business 

FBA Defines a Family Business as Follows:

  • Ownership control of a privately held enterprise by members of a family or partnership of families 
  • Strategic influence by family members on the management of the firm, whether by being active in management, by continuing to shape the culture and/or by serving as board members or advisors
  • The desire for continuity and succession across generations 

FBA's Officers and Directors:

David Lucchetti, Pacific Coast Building Products

Ken Monroe, Holt of California 
Vice Chairman 

Grant Deary, Nor-Cal Beverage Company Treasurer/Secretary 
Bill Carriere, Carriere Farms

Nancy Piret, Gorrill Ranch

Michael Teel, Raley's Family of Fine Stores

Robert Rivinius
Executive Director
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