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The purpose of the Family Business Association is to advance, protect and perpetuate family businesses through representation at the Capitol. The Family Business Association is a California Corporation organized as a not-for-profit with tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code and approved by the California Tax Board.

For membership purposes, FBA defines a family business as follows:
  • Ownership control of a privately held enterprise by members of a family or partnership of families.
  • Strategic influence by family members on the management of the firm, whether by being active in management, by continuing to shape the culture, and/or by serving as board members or advisors.
  • The desire for continuity and succession across generations.
Any business information you provide to the Family Business Association is maintained and accessible only by the Family Business Association. We will not sell or in any way divulge business information gathered about you or your business.

Membership Levels

Founding Member
Founding Memberships remain available for an initial one-time contribution of $10,000. Founding Members are voting members of FBA. All Founding Members remain Founding Members for the duration of their membership but after one year, dues revert to the applicable amount in accordance with the regular dues structure.
Regular Membership
Company Revenues
$100 million or more
$50-99 million  
$10-49 million
$2.5-10 million
Up to $2.5 million  
Annual Dues

Associate Member

Individuals or companies that work with and provide services for family businesses and would like to support and be involved in FBA, but do not qualify to be a Founding or Regular member and don’t wish to become a sponsor, can join as an Associate Member. The dues for an Associate Member are $1,000 per year.

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To join FBA, please fill out the Membership Application below online, or print one out by using the link at the bottom and mailing it to FBA. To learn more about FBA and why your company should become a member, contact Executive Director Robert Rivinius at (916) 443-1468.
Fill out my online form.
If You Would Prefer to Print Out the Membership Application, Checks Can be Made Payable to Family Business Association and Mailed to:

1215 K Street, Suite 2120  
Sacramento, CA 95814
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